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The first song we wrote as a band was Slow Motion. Inspired by the true story of a friend of a friend, the song tells of someone whose life took wrong turns and ended up homeless living on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Fortunately, the subject of the song was eventually rescued by friends and welcomed back by family, inspiring the line “prodigal son,” in the song.

But for thousands of others, this lucky story is not the case. Inspired to do something, we reached out to a local organization that offers support to vulnerable people living on Skid Row and asked what we could do to help.

This incredible organization, Sharing Love With Others, was founded by Maxine Sealey, who along with a team of amazing volunteers, feeds 400 people on Skid Row every Saturday with home-cooked meals she makes herself from her home.

When asked what would make the greatest impact, the first thing Maxine said was that they need donations. We started by signing up as monthly patrons and then a few months later, donated to her fundraiser and helped them reach their goal!

Maxine says that any contribution will help, no matter how small. Sharing Love With Others welcomes eager volunteers to show up and help hand out food every Saturday at their location at 7th and San Pedro.

Wonderful people doing wonderful things.

Sharing Love With Others is truly a charitable organization that Baba Jenkins loves and supports and invite you to join us.



+ CashApp: @Sharinglove2019

+ Venmo: @sharinglovewithothers

+ Monthly Donor:



+ FB: @SharingLoveWithOthers

+ IG: @SharingLove2019

e-mail: [email protected]

phone: (310) 340-8814

mailing address: 1035 S. Prairie Ave. Ste. 4 Inglewood, CA 90301

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